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Language - SpeakLHA

Logan Faulkenberry

What happened to Melinda when she was walking in the lunch room on the first day of school?
. Someone laughed at her and she ran out crying
. She tripped
. She got food thrown on her
. Someone pushed her to the ground
What did Melinda's peice of paper say when she drew it from the globe in Art class? (12)
. Tree
. Ghost
. Clown
. Water
What does Melinda do when she sees her dad coming up the driveway when she's eating pizza on the couch? (15)
. She flips the cushions and makes sure it looks like the didn't eat there
. She keeps eating her pizza and smiles at her dad when he walks in
. She freaks out and cries
. She gets more pizza
What is the name of her first friend in highschool? (5)
. Ivy
. Holly
. Heather
. Rachell
What did the "Brave Kid" mean by saying "The White people are the one's pulling th country down? (55)
. That they are pulling the country down with a rope
. That they are ruining the country with there stupid things they do
. The other races are better than white people
. That all white people are stupid
Why do you think she calls a person in the school "IT"?
. Because she likes them and she wants to be with them
. Because they are nice to her
. Because she doesn't like them
. Because she likes the word IT
"Good thing my lips are stiched together or I'd throw up." What do you think she meant by that?
. That her lips wont come apart
. That she's scared
. That she has to throw up
. That she has stiches in her lips
"She has red-laser eyes that burn through my forehead." What does Melinda mean by that? (39)
. That Rachell is glaring at her
. That she has red lasers with her
. That she loves Melinda
. That she wants to be friends with her
"I just can't seem to get my head around Algebra." What do you think she means by that?(38)
. That it's hard
. That she can twister her head around
. That you have to be flexible
. That she cant do anything
Why does she call one of her teachers "Hairwomen"?
. She has a lot of hair
. That she doesn't like her
. That she thinks all adults are mean people
. Both A and B
Why do you think she calls one of her teachers "Mr. Neck"?
. She doesn't like him
. She likes him
. He's a great teacher
. He likes her