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A Test - Chpt.7- Sec.1

Quiz for SS. chapter 7 , Sec.1

Who would go to agoras to talk about politics, philosophy, or events in their community?
. Athenian Men
. Athenian Woman
. Athenian Boys
. Farmers and Artisans
Athenians were known for what?
. Cooking
. Beautiful pottery
. Painting
What kinds of foods did the Athenians eat?
. Cheese or olives
. Livestock
. Corn
When did the men think the women had the most protection?
. Going with the husband
. Staying in the crowds
. Staying under an umbrella
. Keeping them out of public eye
What could Athenian women be allowed to do?
. Own property
. To be a priestesses
. Vote
. Take part in politics
What was the women's job?
. Running the home and raising the kids
. Taking care of foreign born people
. Paint pots
In a wealthy household, the woman had to find a job making pottery, tending sheep, or manufacturing cloth from wool.
. True
. False
How did free people become slaves?
. By asking to be a slave
. Cause a crime
. Getting captured by pirates
. None of the above
Slaves had political rights.
. True
. False
Slaves could..............
. Buy their food
. Buy their freedom
. Buy their clothes
What kind of labor did the slaves do?
. Voted
. Ran errands
. Cooked and tended kids
Why do you think they rarely disapproved slavery?
. They depended on slavery
. They did not care about the slaves
. They were too busy with finding food for their family
What kind of activity took place in the Agora?
. Olympic Games
. Schooling for boys
. Trading food, goods, and other
The Olympic Games were to honor which god?
. Zeus
. Apollo
. Poseidon
The Agora was the center of Athens' public place, so what was the Acropolis the center of?
. Olympic Games
. Religious life
. None of the Above