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DUMB - The Twisted Quiz 2

Uh oh. ITS BACK! The Twisted Quiz 2 is even more twisted. WARNING: This quiz may cause sobbing or death. Yes, Death. By embarrasment at ur score ha!

Did you complete the last Twisted Quiz with a score of at LEAST 50?
. No.
. 50 as in 40?
. What other quiz?
. I wouldn't be here if i hadn't...
What's up?
. What's it to you?
. The opposite of down.
. Not much.
. I'm not very social
Do you like waffles?
. Yeah i like waffles
. Can't wait to get a mouthful!
. Do you like pancakes?
. <3
. Txt lnguge
. What the heck.
. Good day to you, too.
. 2012,lol
Whatumacalit. Spell it!!
. Whatumacalit
. I hate spelling.
. Gesundheit!
. i-t
May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor (no copyright infringement intended)
. I don't bet.
. What about evens?
. I don't care, cuz i dont do favors
. Do i know you???
Did you know this is the last question?
. Not true! Twisted quiz 3!
. Well,yeah.
. Oh no.