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Earth - Earths Sea and Atmosphere

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 A.- 22a) What does (aq) mean?  

 B.- 21) Describe 3 things you must do when writing balanced equations?  

 C.- 20) Farmers will neutralise soil that is too acidic to grow crops by spreading what substance on to it?  

 D.- 19) Describe the structure of sedimentary rock?  

 E.- 18) Thermal decomposition of carbonates produces the gas carbon dioxide. Describe the test for this gas?  

 F.- 17b) When a carbonate decomposes, bubbles will appear in the solution from calcium Hydroxide solution. If there appears to be lots of bubbles and the white precipitate is formed faster, what does this tell you about the decomposition of the carbonate?  

 G.- 17a) Most carbonates will decompose when heated. This can be shown by bubbling the resultant carbon dioxide gas through...?  

 H.- 12) Describe how granite is different from limestone?  

 I.- 11) The metamorphic rock marble can be formed from which other rocks?  

 J.- 10) Explain how metamorphic rocks are different from sedimentary rocks?  

 K.- 5*) Limestone (Calcium carbonate CaCO3) was formed in the tourist area now called the Peak District. Today it is wearies near Buxton, in one of the largest limestone quarries in the UK. What are the social, environmental and economic issues that would be  

 L.- 4c) State one use that could be found for a Limestone quarry after it closed down?  

 M.- 12*) Use the carbon cycle to explain how the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere can change, give examples in your answer?  

 N.- 9) If 100cm3 of air passes over copper metal that is being heated, explain why you would be left with 80cm3 of air?  

 O.- 7) Describe how the levels of CO2 in the earths early atmosphere were reduced?  

 P.- 5) Describe how carbon becomes locked up in sedimentary rocks?  

 Q.- ) Describe how the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere gradually increased over billions of years ago?  

 R.- 2c) Describe 2 reasons why burning fossil fuels is harmful to the environment?