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science - Fireworks quiz

Just a quiz about fireworks

What is another name for black powder?
. Flash Powder
. Baby powder
. Gun powder
What kind of clothing is suggested for workers to wear?
. Polyester
. Cotton
. Silk
. Wool
Which of the following is found in black powder?
. Helium
. Sulfur
. Chlorine
Which one is the oxidizer?
. Potassium nitrate
. Charcoal
. Sulfur
If you add more of _______, you will get a brighter display.
. Potassium nitrate
. Charcoal
. Sulfur
What is the role of the sulfur?
. To moderate the explosion
. To give off energy
. Support the oxidizer
What causes the loud "bang"?
. The sulfur reacting with charcoal
. The sound of the wrapper popping
. The stars