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General Medicine - Volume one

CDC testing

Which reference is a compiliation of drug product package inserts?
. Physician Desk Reference
. American Drug Index
. Drug Topics Red Book
The Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) provides medical care in support of its mission through:
. Health Maintenance Organization
. the TRICARE system
. the direct-care system
. a combination of the direct-care and TRICARE systems
PCM's and heath care finders play an important role in getting patients the health care they need by:
. directly enrolling patients to receive their care strictly from the MTF
. directly enrolling patients to the MTF or civilian providers under managed care support contracts, if ncessary
. directly enolling patients to recieve their care strictly from civilian health care providers
. allowing patients to direct their own health care affairs
What military health care system resource is used to minimize out-of-pocket cost for the beneficiaries?
. Routine
. Referral
. Direct care
. Sub-contracted
Balancing of awareness, education, prevention, and intervention activities required to improve the health of a specific population defines:
. primary care optimization
. outcome-based health
. population health
. managed health
What agency does the MTF rely upon to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery?
. Headquarters, US AF Surgeon General
. US AF Medical Support Agency
. Population Health Support Division
. AF Major Command
Which is an automated web-base questionnaire consisting of general lifestyle and specific health questions that provides a picture about a person's overall health?
. Health evaluation assessmen review
. Primary care health assessment
. Health risk assessment
. Optimization health evaluation review
What commander readiness tool does an MTF use to ensure that each Airman receives required preventive services and meets individual medical readiness requirements?
. health enrollment/evaluation assessment review
. Primary care management test
. Preventive health assessment
How is TRICARE managed so that it can provide community based health care while also maintaining medical readiness?
. Locally
. Regionally
. State-wide
. Nationally
Which TRICARE option would a beneficiary likely be selecting if he chooses the fee-for-service option?
. TRICARE for Life
. TRICARE Standard
If a medication is required to be taken immediately, what is the maximum-day supply of medication that a beneficiary can have filled in a TRICARE retail network pharmacy?
. 30 days
. 90 days
. 60 days
. 120 days
The relationship between the MAJCOM surgeons genral and the MAJCOM commanders is that they:
. are accountable for the accomplishment of all aspects of the medical group mission
. serve as advisors to MAJCOM commanders for all medical service matters
. serve as functional managers of the US AF Medical Service
. serve as medical service commanders
Within the MTF, who has the overall responsibility for all activities of the MDG and is accountable for accomplishing all aspects of the MDG mission?
. Senior pharmacist
. Chief Master Sergeant
. Biomedical Sciene Corps chief
. MDG Commander
Reassignment of individuals across functional areas in order to improve service and support for medical service lines refers to:
. staffing
. matrixing
. medical manpower rightsizing
. organizational flux management
Which unit does the AF consider the basic building block of an organization because of its specific operational and support capability?
. group
. element
. division
. squadron
The MTF flight path is designated to have no more than how many organizational layers between the group commander and the frontline Airmen?
. 3
. 4
. 5
. 6
The approving authority for MTF's requesting exceptions to the AF Medical Service's flight path model is the Office of the:
. AF Chief of Staff
. Secretary of the AF
. AF Surgeon General
. Medical Group Commander
In a MTF designated as a Medical Wing, the pharmacy is aligned as a squadron under which group?
. Dental
. Medical operations
. Clinical support
. Inpatient operations
In a MTF designated as a clinic, the pharmacy is alignd as what unit under the Medical Support Squadron?
. Flight
. Branch
. Division
. Element
In addition to the pharmacy, who is responsible for developing criteria for review of drugs use?
. Credenials committee
. Performane Improvemen committee
. MTF Commander
. P&T Function
Which pharmacy function would you most likely be assigned to in order to become more familiar with formulary items?
. patient counseling
. records maintanence
. compounding pharmaceuticals
. ordering&storing pharmaceuticals
You would like to suggest a process that could decrease the amount of time patients have to wait for their prescriptions. Who in the MTF would you speak with?
. MTF patient advocate
. Quality improvement coordinator
. P&T Function
. Institute Board Reviwe Committee
In what ways does the pharmacy contribute to the Infection Control Program?
. counseling patients
. reviweing antibiotic use
. developing drug use protocols
. providing new drug request information
A meeting is being held to regarding the purchase of new pharmacy equipment; who should you meet with in order to have some input regarding this acquisition?
. the equipmen review and authorization activity
. the new medication sub-function
. insitutional review board committee
. the consumer advisory council
To whom would you requst to obtain the most current volume of Pharmacy Law Digest?
. nw medication request sub-function
. insitutional review committee
. health promotion function
. library function
Moral laws adopted by the medical profession and accepted by the society they serve are:
. moral responsibility
. medical ethics
. beneficence
. justice
Which term describes your duty to bring about good or render a treatment in the best interest of the patient?
. nonmaleficence
. beneficence
. reparations
. fidelity
What actions should you take if you think a prescription will harm a patient?
. Tell the patient the provider made an error
. fill the prescription anyway
. refuse to fill the prescription and send the patient away
. consult with the provider about the prescription
What should you do if a patient becomes rude or abusive?
. Call the MDG Commander
. Return the favor
. Remain calm and professional
. Walk away
What section in the MTF is designated to handle all unresolved patient issues?
. the MDG Commander's office
. resource management
. patient affairs
. patient advocacy
The action you shold take when a provider has prescribed a medication that is unavailable is to:
. fill the prescription with an alternative medication
. notfiy the provider and suggest an alternative medication
. tell the patient the pharmacy does not carry the medication
. notify the provider and suggest they submit a new drug request
What is your part in maintaining accountability to your profession?
. understanding that you have limitations and may need help finding anwers
. believing that you know everything there is to knw about pharmacy
. leaving younger airmen to learn procedures on their own
. not attempting to help a member of the medical staff
What are the standards that the Joint Commission holds for reference libraries?
. all pharmacies, no matter the size, must have a full scale drug information center
. it does not require ferene libraries to be maintained in the MTF
. it requires MTF pharmacies to maintain hard bound references
. libraries should be readily available, current, and accessible
Which best describes the Joint Commission standard for reference libraries?
. MTF pharmacies are not required to maintain hard bound references
. MTF pharmacies are not required to maintain reference libraries
. all pharmacies, no matter the size, must have a full scale drug information center
. knowledge based information resources can be made available to clincal straff through electronic means
Which reference is considered the best to use to educate your patient?
. USP DI Volume 1, Drug Information for the Health Care Professional
. USP DI Volume 2 Advice for the Patient
. USP DI Volume 3 Approved Drug Products and Legal Requirements
. Trissel's Handbook on Injectable Drugs
Which reference would you use to locate prices and descriptions of hospital and pharmacy products?
. Drug Topics Redbook
. Physician's Desk Reference
. Remington's Pharmaceutical Scienes
. US Pharmacopoeia-Dispensing Information
How often is Facts and Comparison published?
. every two months
. semi-annually
. annually
. every five years
Which reference states that it is "the single most comprehensive source for guidelines and laws governing the safe handling an distribution of drugs"?
. Drug Topics Redbook
. Physician's Desk reference
. Remington: The science and practice of pharmacy
. SUP DI Volume 3 Approved drug products and legal requirements
Which best reflects the requiremnt of the FDA regarding package inserts?
. there is no FDA requirement regarding PIs
. a PI must be included in the packaging by the manufacturer but doesn't need any other information except drug dosage forms an doses
. a Pi must be included int he packaging by the manufacturer but doesn't ned any other information except side effects and drug stability
. a PI must be included in the packaging by the manufacturer; every PI identifies drug dosage forms, dosages, uses of the drug, side effects, drug stability, and other related information
What federal agency was established in 1971 to ensure safe and healthful workplaces in the US?
. Joint Commission
Whose responsibility is it to provide the customers with MSDS?
. distributors
. security forces
. MDG Commander
The drugs that are exempt from OSHA Hazard Communication Standard concerning pharmaceuticals include drugs that:
. are in solid, final form for direct adminstration to patients
. must be reconstituted for IV prep
. are prepared in a biological safety cabinet
. are maintaind in a restricted area
What must be done when a hazardous chemical/material is introduced into your pharmacy?
. obtain the package inserts
. nothing
. obtain MSDS for the hazardous substances
Within the MTF the AFOSH program applies to:
. military personnel
. civilian personnel
. union members
. alll personnel
In drug preparation areas, what illumination level must be maintained on working surfaces?
. 50 ft candles
. 75 ft candles
. 100 ft candles
. 125 ft candles
According to OSHA guidance, access to areas where hazardous drugs are prepared should be:
. limited to personnel wearing PPE
. limited to pharmacy personnel only
. limited to authorized personnel only
. open to all personnel
All toxic and caustic substances in the pharmacy must have labels that indicate in bold print that:
. care should be taken when ingesting the substance
. care should be taken when handling the substance
. the substance should be taken on an empty stomach
. the substance should be taken with food or milk
If an individual is not listed on the authorized access list, which form is used to documen entry into a controlled area?
. SF 700
. SF 702
. AF Form 457
. AF Form 1109
What form is used to document names of personnel who are authorized access to the vault or other security containers within the pharmacy?
. AF Form 475
. SF 700
. AF Form 765
. SF 702
Where would you find specific guidance concerning robberies or robbery attempted?
. activity security list
. security control sheet
. alarm system test record
. pharmacy resource protection checklist
If you receive a bomb threat on the telephone, you should:
. hang up immediately
. try to keep the caller on the line
. refer the caller to the commaner
. refer the call to your supervisor
Who is normally responible for repairing an maintaining governmen-owned alarm systems?
. the pharmacy
. security forces
. civil engineering
. fire department
If you are appointed as alarm custodian, who will you coordinate with regarding alarm systems?
. MDG commander
. your immediate supervisor
. the base general
. security forces