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football - Manchester City

Do you think you know all there is to know about Manchester City??? Then challenge yourself!

Who is the Manager of Manchester City?
. Roberto Mancini
. Sam Allerdyce
. Mick McCarthy
What year was Manchester City Established?
. 1878
. 1880
. 1882
Who is the owner of Manchester City?
. Sheick Mansour
. Sheikh Mansour
. Sheihk Mansour
Which of these is spelt correctly?
. Sergio Ageuro
. Sergeo Aguero
. Sergio Aguero
What score did Manchester City beat QPR on the last day of the season?
. 3-2
. 4-2
. 2-1
When Manchester City beat QPR, what title did they gain?
. Premier league Runners-up
. Premier league Winners
. Premier League Losers