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Hockey - How well do you know The Philadelphia Flyers

This will test your knowledge of Philadelphia Flyers history to see if your a true Orange and Black Fan

Who was the First Person to Captain The Flyers?
. Lou Angotti
. Bobby Clarke
. Ed Van Impe
. Bill Barber
How many times did the Flyers make it to the Stanley Cup Finals?
. 6
. 5
. 4
. 7
Which season did the Philadelphia Flyers earn the name "The Broad Street Bullies"
. 1972/73
. 1973/74
. 1974/75
. 1975/76
Which of the following players was not on the 1974/75 Stanley Cup team?
. Reggie Leach
. Dave Schultz
. Bill Barber
. Ed Van Impe
Which of the Following Flyers holds the NHL single-season record for most power-play goals?
. Bobby Clarke
. Eric Lindros
. Tim Kerr
. Dave Poulin
Of the following Flyers who holds the NHL record for most penalty minutes in one season?
. Dave Schultz
. Bob Kelly
. Rick Tocchet
. Dave Brown
Flyers scoring line known as the "Legion of Doom" consisted of Eric Lindros, John LeClair and Which of the following?
. Mark Recchi
. Mike Ricci
. Ilkka Sinisalo
. Mikael Renberg
The Philadelphia Flyers Holds the record for most TIES in a season with 24 this was accomplished during which season?
. 1969/70
. 1980/81
. 1995/96
. 2003/04
Which on the Following NHL teams stopped the Flyers undefeated streak of 35 games in 1980?
. Boston Bruins
. Quebec Nordiques
. Edmonton Oilers
. Minnesota North Stars
What team defeated the Flyers in the 1976 Stanley Cup Finals to win the Stanley Cup?
. Montreal Canadiens
. New York Islanders
. Edmonton Oilers
. Boston Bruins