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Friends - Are you a good friend?

Find out what kind of friend you are, because unlike your real friends, this is brutally honest!

Would you ever publicly embarrass your friend?
. definatly
. no way
. If it's payback
You see your friend crying in the bathroom...
. Ask if they want to talk about it
. completly ignore them
. go out into the hall and tell everyone your friends a whimp
. start teasing them for crying
You find out one of your friends is spreading rumors about you, you....
. Tell your friend off
. Start a nasty rumor about them
. Tekk your friend to stop or lose you as a friend
What do you do when your friends are fighting?
. Lock them in a closet until they work it out
. Give them a chance to work it out and if they don't, you say something
. Side with who you think is right and gang up on the other
. Talk about each friend with the other