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English - Final Test- English Basic

In this test, you will have to write your answer. If the answer makes sense and the word is spelled correctly, you get 2 points. If the answer does not make sense, but the word is right, you get no points. If the answer makes sense but the word is not co

 A.- My son has sons  

 B.- Where can I find water? 3 letter word  

 C.- What is a dog?  

 D.- My grandaughter that is 12 years old is called  

 E.- My is made up of people I love the most  

 F.- Hint- A round, big, yummy thing, normally has 8 slices is the best thing ever!  

 G.- Is a fox a mammal or a fisherman's pet?  

 H.- My daughter's name Beatriz  

 I.- some apples on the tray  

 J.- A dog my son