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science - NASA Space Science and Aeronautics

Please choose the right definition to see if you will pass to go to NASA.

 A.- The force that keeps an airplane up due to the flow of air over and under the wings  

 B.- The force of attraction between two objects  

 C.- The part of a plane which holds people and cargo and to which the wings and tail are attached  

 D.- A push or pull on an object  

 E.- The part on the tail that controls the plane's pitch  

 F.- The force due to air that slows down the plane as it moves forward  

 G.- The gases surrounded a planet  

 H.- The shape of a wing's cross-section, designed to create as much lift and as little drag as possible  

 I.- The force of air spread over a surface  

 J.- The parts of the wing that control the airplane's roll  

 K.- A number that compares an airplane's speed to the speed of sound 750 mph  

 L.- The parts of a tail surfaces that control a plane's yaw  

 M.- A term that indicates motion faster than the speed of sound  

 N.- The force of the engine, which pushes a plane forward  

 O.- A long to or tunnel in which an airplane is held still and air is blown over it.  

 P.- A space containing no matter or air  

 Q.- A point of light in the night sky  

 R.- An unmanned spacecraft that explores the solar system and sends data back to Earth  

 S.- A system of a stars and all the objects that orbit it  

 T.- Resistance of an object to a change in its position  

 U.- The area above a planet's atmosphere  

 V.- The curve of the path of a spacecraft in flight  

 W.- The speed and direction of an object  

 X.- A natural or man-made object which orbits a larger object  

 Y.- To turn around an axis or center point  

 Z.- To move in a circular orbit  

 [.- A large, natural object that orbits a star  

 \.- The path of a satellite around a planet or of a planet around its star  

 ].- A natural object orbiting a planet  

 ^.- The tendency of a moving object to keep moving  

 _.- A spinning wheel that tends to maintain its direction in space