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Personal - How well do you know me?

Just like the Title says how well do you know me, Christina Piper?

What is my Favorite Tv show?
. Once Upon A Time
. pokemon
. Wordgirl
. Braveestar
Who is my Favorite Charater on Said show?
. Dr. Two Brains
. Braveestar
. Rumplestitskin/Mr. Gold
. Pikachu
What is my favorite drink?
. Dr. Pepper
. water
. Cola
. Sprite
What how many sibblings do I have? (facebook sibblings count)
. None
. Three
True or False:
I live with my grandparents
. True
. False
What is my favorite game(s)?
. Pokemon
. Kingdom Hearts
. Sorry (board game)
. Plants Vs. Zombies
What is my favorite book(s)?
. The Book Theif
. Harry Potter
. The Theif Lord
. Manga
Where is my favorite place to go?
. The Park
. Disney Land
. School
. I like to stay home
What is the only hand held game system I dont have? (I don't have the Xlarges)
. Gameboy Color
True or False:
I still have my Nintendo 64 and I still play it and the games I have for it.
. False you never owned one
. True
Last Question. worth 110 points :D.
What will be the name of my first born daughter (my husband will have no say in this)?
. Caroline after your grandma
. Lilly after your Pokehuman character
. Tami after your mom
. Copper after your Once Upon a Time Character