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:) - History Exam: Byzantine Empire

A test to be made for school ^.^

Who established Constantinople?
. Constantine
. Julius Caesar
What kind of cathedral has tall spires?
. Gothique
. Romanesque
What religion did they adopt over a period of time?
. Christianity
. Muslim Beliefs
Who is the emperor that is said to have played the fall of the trojans while watching Rome burn?
. I don't know
. Nero
Where was Constantinople founded?
. Instanbul, Turnkey
. Instantbull, Turkey
(BONUS!!!) What country was Rome first founded on before it's split?
. Italy
. The boot
(Bonus, less points....) Who killed Julius Ceasar?
. His Friend
. A Mob
________ has determined wether Christianity was accepted
. The Catacombs
. I dont know
. Undercover Christians
Explain why Julius was overthrown.
. (answers will vary but should include the following information:) Julius was overthrown because the Romans didn't like the way he was ruling.
Why did the Western Roman Empire crumble?
. Because it was raided
. because it was a cookie