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Other - Earthquakes

Geography Grade 7 test 2013 on earthquakes.

 A.- when a plate cracks, the crack is called a  

 B.- The plates that make up the crust of the earth are known as plates.  

 C.- To find an earthquake, or connect the dots, you need seismic reading from at least places.  

 D.- Earthquakes occur when the big pieces of the earth's crust called move a bit.  

 E.- Most earthquakes start as stored up, or energy in the rock.  

 F.- The Richter Scale is used to the size and intensity of one earthquake to that of another./  

 G.- The is the name of the middle of the earthquake.  

 H.- A magnitude 2 earthquake has times as much power as a magnitude 1.  

 I.- When plates of the earth's crust lift or tilt,  

 J.- Scientists record the shaking of the earths using a .  

 K.- Whenever something gets hot, its molecules move and take up more space.  



 N.- The earths surface is .  

 O.- Every year there are earthquakes all around the world.