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how well do you know me? - Are you really my BFF?

Let's see if you really know me like you say you do HA :)

Who I am really in love with?
. Rihanna
. Taylor Swift
. Beyoncé
. Nicki Minaj
Where is my favorite Place to eat?
. Chipotle
. Humberto's
. Berries and Beans
. Subway
What is my pants size?
. 13/14
. 0/1
. 15/16
. 18/20
What can really piss me off easily?
. Someone looking at my shoe
. Staring at me
. Ask a question you already know the answer to
. Someone who says something stupid
Am I insecure about myself?
. Yes!
. A little
. Sometimes but I know I'm beautiful
. No
Where is my birthmark located on my body?
. Hip
. Chest
. Back
. Under my nipple
What's my favorite quote?
. These niggas are for everybody!
. "Learn to love yourself before you love anybody else"
. Fuck bitches get money
. "Ion fuck with broke bitches"
Last REAL relationship I had?
. Last week
. About 3 years ago
. 1 year and a half ago
. 2 years ago
What kind of nurse do I wanna be?
. Registered Nurse (RN)
. Certified nurse assistant
Who is the only person i would have wax with at that school?
. Deshaun
. Xavier
. Keshaun (lol)
. Antwon