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how well do you know me? - How well do u know me, Jess

A super fun how well do u know me quiz

What is my fav drink?
. Orange pop
. Water
. Iced tea
. Alcohol
What's my fav food
. Meatloaf
. Pasta and meatballs
. Pizza
. All food
. Fries
Who is my girl crush
. Demi Moore
. Oprah
. Kate Winslet
Who is my celeb crush?
. Carrot top
. Alec Baldwin
. Alexander skarsgard
. Ben affleck
What did I want to be when I grew up when I was a wee one
. Astronomer
. Dancer
. Clown
. Snoop dogg
What is my fav season
. Winter hurray snow
. Summer oh that summer heat
. Spring I love to shower!!
. Fall....
Who is my best friend
. My mom
. My sister
. My hand
What is my fav tv show?
. Sex and the city
. Skins
. Gilmore girls
. Shameless
What is my moms nickname for me?
. Honey bunny
. Jelly
. Rosie baby
. Jellybean
What can I not stand the most?
. Not knowing a secret or surprise
. Farts
. Nails on a chalkboard
. People teasing me