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About me - How well do you know me ?

Just for fun.
And to see who knows me the best :)

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Which of the following foods I dare not to eat
. eggplant
. celery
. snow peas
. peppers
What is my favourite colour
. dark blue
. gray
. gray balck
. white
which country that I most want to move in
. Iceland
. Sweden
. Norway
. Denmark
. Hungary
who is my most loved film-character
. Indiana Jones
. Peter Pan
. Edward Scissorhands
. Martin Riggs
. Buzz Lightyear
which is my favourite band
. Linkin Park
. The Eagles
. The Beatles
. The Rolling Stone
. X-Japan
My blood type is ?
. O
. A
. AB
. B
who is my favourite football team
. Manchester United
. Manchester City
. Chelsea
. Real Madrid
. Newcastle
Which is my favourite movie
. The Titanic
. The trilogy of "Before sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight"
. series of Harry Potter
. Love Actually
Who is my favourite singer
. Taylor Swift
. Miley Cyrus
. Robbie Williams
. Adele
. Celine Dion


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