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About me - How well do you know Ming?

huehuehue o u o

Who do I share a birthday with?
. Topp Dogg's Seogoong/Park Hyunho
. EXO-M's Huang Zitao
. GOT7's Mark Tuan
. Winner's Nam Taehyun
What is my favorite Pokemon type?
. Fairy Type
. Water Type
. Psychic Type
. Electric Type
What instrument do I play?
. Clarinet
. Piano
. Violin
. Drums
What is my favorite color?
. Red
. Black
. Pink
. White
What is my favorite video game?
. COD: MW3
. Battlefield 3
. Assassin's Creed Series
. Pokemon Diamond
What is my all-time favorite song?
. For Good - Wicked
. Crush - Sandeul
. Seven Things - Miley Cyrus
. Be The Light - Block B
What is my most favorite subject in school?
. Language and Composition/Creative Writing
. Human Anatomy/Physiology and Genetics
. Human and Cell Biology
. Statistics and Economics
What is my middle name?
. Violane
. Chen
. Gabriel
. Daoming
Who is my ultimate bias?
. BTS' Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon
. Block B's Lee Taeil
. B1A4's Sandeul/Lee Junghwan
. EXO's Xiumin/Kim Minseok
What color is my car?
. Gold
. Red
. Black
. Navy