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A Test - um????????

do u kno w me?? clay fepor?? probably not

who is
. akihiko sanada
. akihiko sanada
. akihiko sanada
. akihiko sanada
. ass
. the entire homestuck fandom
. oda hiroyuki
. akihiko sanada
is clayG AY?????
. ya
. nah
i cant think of a quesiton
. um
. cool
. akihiko sanada?
. akihiko sanada but the buff akihiko
ok i am done
. cool
. your gay
. clay is best meme XD
. the ending to naruto was fucked up. it was fucked uop and a lie and they were all heterosexuals. i didnt invest myself into this shitty anime since elementary school to see sasusaku become canon. i hate naruto i fucking ihaet it i hate these heteroseuxuals get them out of my media