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About me - Who's the Best Stalker?

Who knows me so well that they can get the top score? Who's been peeking in my windows (which is a feat in itself since I'm not on the first floor)? Who has been hunting through my Facebook and reading my every thought? We will see!

What is my favorite color?
. Black
. Pink
. Blue
. Green
Am I right or left handed?
. Right
. Left
. Ambidextrous
How many siblings do I have?
. None, I am a Princess!
. One annoying brother.
. One dramatic sister.
. Two crazy siblings, I'm in the middle!
. I lost track.
How many tattoos do I have?
. I have virgin skin (none)
. Two, and no I won't show you.
. A glorious back tattoo!
. One of a robot (1010011010...)
Who is my favorite band?
. Moody Blues
. Black Eye Peas
. Foo Fighters
. Yanni
What is my favorite food?
. Cheeseburgers
. Spaghetti and meatballs
. Bok Choy
. Chinese food
. Pizza
What sport did I participate in as a child?
. Hockey
. Soccer
. Billiards
. Video games (it's a sport!)
. Karate (Heeeee-YAH!)
What two qualities do I value most in a person?
. Money and money
. Passion and shamelessness
. Consideration and humor
. Determination and genius
. Obedience and loyalty
What set of attributes do I find most attractive in men?
. Money, style, fast cars, Swiss bank accounts, did I mention money?
. Breathing, you know, alive men (unless he's a vampire)
. Ripped abs, muscular thighs, square jaw, big...feet.
. Pretty eyes, gorgeous hair, delightful smile, witty mind, nice butt
. Tall, dark, and handsome, preferably a little evil.
How old was I when I started working full time?
. 16
. 24
. 19
. 22
. 18
How tall am I?
. 5'3"
. 5'10"
. 5'6"
. 5'4"
. 5'5"
How many times have I had surgery?
. Enough to make me bionic!
. None at all.
. Just one minor surgery.
. Two for hernias.
Which do I prefer?
. Gold jewelry
. Silver jewelry
. No jewelry
. Plastic jewelry
. Wood jewelry
Which is true about my past?
. I dated a man twice my age.
. I jumped off the back of a paddle boat and lived.
. I fractured a toe skipping.
. I fell down a flight of stairs.
. I once worked for someone famous.
. All of the above.
What is my middle name?
. Jessica
. Stormageddon
. Vivian
. Virginia
. Elisabeth
What do I like to collect?
. Seashells and rocks
. Coins
. Cats
. Trading cards
. Debt
. A and B
. A and C
. B and D
. All of the above