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fun - Do you know Gabe?

May the odds be ever in your favor

Where would I live?
. City
. Country
. Beach
. Mountains
Which job would I chose?
. Video game tester
. Professional baseball player
. Music producer
. Sports announcer
Which superpower would I have?
. Fly
. Control time
. Read minds
. Control weather
What kind of facial hair do I prefer?
. Beard
. Cleanly shaven
. Light Stubble
. Well groomed, short beard
If I could dress one way all the time, how would I dress?
. Shorts and T-Shirt
. Flannel pants and hoody
. Suit and tie
. Jeans and T-Shirt
What is my favorite car?
. Toyota 4Runner
. Lamborghini Murcialago
. Lexus LFA
. Ferrari LaFerrari
What is my favorite dish?
. Steak and Potatoes
. Teriyaki Wings
. Chicken Casserole
. Pizza
What is my favorite type of music?
. Rap
. Hip Hop
. Country
. Rock
Favorite Male vocalist?
. Bruno Mars
. Justin Timberlake
. Johnny Cash
. Elton John
Favorite female vocalist?
. Idina Menzel
. Miranda Lambert
. Katy Perry
. Shakira