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fun - Do you know me ?

How well do you know me ?

The weirdest video I've ever seen on YouTube is ?
. Salad fingers
. Mr happy face
. Funny slap
My favourite opera singer is ?
. Pavarotti
. Charlotte Church
. Katherine Jenkns
My favourite pizza topping is ?
. Ham & cheese
. Margarita (plain cheese)
. Pepperoni & Sausage
When I was young I had a fear of something every bedtime, what was it ?
. A fear that an alien was going to come through my door and eat me alive
. The big bad wolf was under my bed
. Count Dracula was going under my bed waiting to bite my neck
My favourite colour is ?
. Red
. Purple
. Pink
My favourite singer is ?
. Coolio
. Meatloaf
. Taylor Swift
I have two tattoos but what are they ?
. A musical note and a heart with my fiancé's name
. A rose and a dolphin
. A shamrock and a harp