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how well do you know me? - Do you know me

Do you know me well Huh?

Will I ever do anal?
. hell to the no
. go deep babe
. hell FUCKING yeah you ugly ass beast
What do I do when I first wake up?
. cry
. pee
. go back to sleep
Am I a virgin?
. yes
. no
. um...
Bitches be like....
. ur just jelly
. that is soo fetch
. whaaaa?
What is my fav food?
. pizza
. chicken
. chocolate
When is my birthday?
. June 9th
. February 18th
. June 2nd
If you knew me you would pick the correct answer
. Lil Lil lizard
. idk
. u look like a motherfickin mofo
What is my favorite color?
. all the colors of the wind....
. purple green yolo yellow
. purple black green
Am I ugly
. hell to the no
. hell FUCKING yeah you ugly ass beast
. OMG Noo I'm about to have a Bitch fit
. your ugly
What do I say often
. your not my dad.. ugly ass fucking noddle head
. she wasn't ready!!!
. oo oh don't do. yagh oh my god
When's my birthday
. Oct 29
. Oct 28
. Oct 21
. Oct 25
Favorite TV show
. supernatural
. vampire diaries
. the walking dead
. glee
. all of the above
Am I pregnant
. yeah
. no
. I'm just FUCKING with u
Where do I wanna live
. California
. Hawaii
. flordia
Favorite food?
. Chinese
. sea food
. Ali Olsen taste pretty good z
What's my favorite Color?
. Black, purple, blue
. blue, black, red
. purple, black, red