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how well do you know me? - How well do you know me? [Ronak Shah😊]

Just for shits and giggles, l'll see how well do you know me!

How would I prefer to hang out?
. Chill at home with friends
. Go drinking
. Step out for a nice dinner
. Go for a drive and coffee
Pick one of the two, that I would choose over another.
. Gin and Tonic
. Caramel frappuccino
From the options, what would I pick to eat?
. Waffles
. Yauatcha hazelnut mousse
. LSD cupcakes
. Chocolate mudpie
If I had to travel, where would I blindly go?
. Africa
. Scandinavia
. New York
. Egypt
What would I prefer?
. Cats
. Puppies
. Turtles
. None of these
Okay. What would be my favourite colour?
. Navy blue
. Green
. Black
. White