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About me - Nicks Test

How well do you know me?

Why did I miss my first ever day of high school?
. Hospitalized due to my HIV
. Missed my flight back from Colombia
. Was traveling back from Phoenix after a soccer tournament
. Got into a car accident in CA's Central Valley while returning from vacation in the Bay Area
What model and make was my first car (paid for with my own money)?
. Ford Taurus
. Toyota Sentra
. Ford Mustang
. Honda Civic
What's my favorite music genre?
. Country
. I'm too indecisive so I like everything
. Merengue
. Christian contemporary music
What are the names of all the three dogs that I've owned in my life?
. Chewy, Stewie, Louie
. Mangina, Pegina, Aldous
. Chester, Bentley, Tory
. Chester, Toby, Bentley
What's my all time personal max weight that I've bench pressed?
. 205, 2 reps
. 120, bc I'm a pussy
. 185, 1 rep
. 165, 2 reps
What was my first official job?
. Waiter at moms Mexican restaurant
. 3rd Assistant Engineer at NOAA
. 4th Assistant Engineer at NOAA
. Edrees' Sugar Daddy
How far did my high school soccer team get during my senior year?
. We sucked, didn't make CIF playoffs
. CIF finalists, lost in PKs
. CIF champions
. CIF quarterfinals
What did I get in trouble for in my second year of college?
. Having sex on one of the tables in a classroom
. Skinny dipping at the pool at 3 am
. Buying marijuana from a dealer in Great Neck, NY
. Buying alcohol for freshmen with a fake ID
What was my jersey number in college?
. 49
. 15
. 7
. 69
Where did I almost make out with a bride during her bachelorette party?
. Club in Brooklyn, NY
. Club/bar in Astoria, NY
. A gay bar in the gay district of NYC
. A bar in Flushing, NY
Where did I live before I moved to San Diego?
. Nowhere, always lived there
. Fremont, CA
. Phoenix, AZ
. Bucaramanga, Colombia