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- How Well Do You Know Me?

Find out if you know me as well as you think.

Which do I suffer from?
. Bipolar disorder
. Depression
. None of the above
What's my favorite Justin Bieber Album?
. Purpose
. Under The Mistletoe
. Believe
. All that matters
How often do I watch tv?
. Never
. Sometimes
. All the time
Where was I operated on?
. Mouth
. Arm
. Leg
. I've never been operated on anything m
Bad habit of mine?
. Cleaning
. Biting my nails
. Licking my lips
. Playing with my ears
Which accessory do I prefer?
. Necklaces
. Bracelets
. Earrings
. Rings
What kind of sex do I like?
. Hardcore
. Soft
. I don't like sex
. I don't like sex
Call me maybe?
. Yes.
. No.
. What?
Which app do I prefer?
. Twitter
. Tumblr
. Facebook
. Snapchat
What's my favorite season?
. Summer
. Spring
. Fall
. Winter
Out of all these scenarios, how would I react at a party?
. I would sit down and observe everyone while eating the food.
. Dance along with people.
. Attempt to talk to people.
. Leave early.