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- Answer or I'll shank you

Get any wrong and you will be stabbed enjoy! :D

What's my favorite desert?
. Jam roll
. profiteroles
. Mince Pies
. Victoria Sponge
. Chocolate Trifle
I one time had an operation where?
. Feet
. Testicles
. Eyes
. Thigh
What's my favorite television program?
. That 70's Show
. Charmed
. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
. Ghost Whisper
How many brothers do I have?
. I gots none
. 12
. 2
. NOM!
. Nom~♥
Where would I most like to go on a date?
. A amusement park so you can win me a stuffed animal.
. A water park just so I can see you in tight speedos.
What song do you remind me of?
. kings - lauren aquilina
. Everything's Alright - To the moon
. Baby - Justin Bieber
Complete the sentence:
"I love you more then _____"
. Drawing and music
. Anime
. Goth shit
What do I love the most about you?
. Soft, Adorable and fun to tease
. Fun to be with, always there when needed, Never lets me down
. Because you're you and and amazing in every way. From your amazing charm to your brilliant personality.
What do I hate the most?
. Airports
. Trains
. Buses
Who is my favorite singer?
. Yowane Haku
. Namine Ritsu
. Hatsune Miku
What's my favorite colour?
. Blue
. Purple
. Neon Green