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- Candy Quiz

Candy Quiz!

Do I like gummy bears?
. Yes
. No
I like Baby Bottle Pops.
. Yes
. No
Do I like peeps?
. Yes
. No
I like Dots.
. Yes
. No
I like Almond Joys.
. True
. False
Which chocolate do I prefer?
. Dark Chocolate
. Milk Chocolate
. White Chocolate
. Chocolate filled with caramel
Which sour candy do I prefer?
. Sour Skittles
. Sour Straws
. Sour Worms
. Sour Extremes
Which candy do I hate the MOST?
. War Heads
. Whoppers
. Candy Corn
. Swedish Fish
Which candy do I prefer out of the following?
. Fun Dip
. York Peppermint Patties
. Jolly Ranchers
. War Heads