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- About Vasikaran

I'm Vasikaran. Just a test that reveals how much you know about me.

Which is my favorite Hollywood movie?
. Harry Potter Series
. Iron Man Series
. Mummy Series
. Transformers Series
What pet I like most?
. Cat
. Dog
. White Rat
. None
What is my Aim?
. To become a Leading Programmer
. To become a Leading Designer
. To become a Leading Entrepreneur?
. To become People's Choice
What is my favorite color?
. Red
. Blue
. Yellow
. White
Who is my favorite Comedy Actor?
. Santhanam
. Soori
. Vadivelu
. Goundamani
Who is my favorite sport person?
. Sachin
. Raina
. Dhoni
. Ashwin
Who is my most favorite Actor?
. Sivakarathikeyan
. Vijay
. Rajinikanth
. Dhanush