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- How well do you know me/Seth?

its me, tumblr user lierenisntcis (formerly transclemont), here to quiz you on how well you know me :^) (and see how much of me is getting across on my blog)

Which of these Pokemon is NOT one of my favorites?
. Wooper
. Gothitelle
. Empoleon
. Ampharos
Where do I always say I was "raised"?
. My grandma's house
. The internet
. Disney World
. The beach
How old am I?
. 17
. 18
. 19
. 20
What's the one thing that I ask people to tag?
. Spiders
. Shirtless men
. Lava
. Body horror
Which of these cartoons have I not watched/followed?
. Adventure Time
. Steven Universe
. Gravity Falls
. Star vs. the Forces of Evil
What franchise is the Problems Universe/Problems AU for?
. Pokemon Ranger
. Black Rock Shooter
. Vocaloid
Which of these characters is definitely trans?
. Clemont
. Lie Ren
. Kagamine Len
. Trick question; all characters are trans
Which one of these names is NOT an OC of mine?
. Molly
. Bentley
. Emma
. Pastelle
What's my favorite Pokemon region/my "home" region?
. Hoenn
. Sinnoh
. Unova
. Kalos
What is my one kintype?
. Inkling
. Clemont
. Jaune Arc
. Hatsune Miku