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- Percussion Instruments

this is a fun revision of percussion instruments

 A.- These large circular brass plates are "crashed " together to create sound  

 B.- This instrument is much used in Military and marching bands and it was introduced in the orchestra about 200 years ago  

 C.- This instrument is filled with dry seeds  

 D.- These small instruments make a clicking noise when they are played.  

 E.- The first drums that were used in an orchestra  

 F.- This consists of a set of metal tubes hung from a long metal frame  

 G.- You scrape this instrument with a stick to produce sound  

 H.- You play this piano-like instrument with rubber, plastic or metal mallets  

 I.- This instrument is shaken, rubbed or struck with your knuckles to produce sound  

 J.- a big, low sounding unpitched instrument that is played on its side  

 K.- this instrument has a Greek name meaning "Wood sound"  

 L.- This large brass instrument was first used in China to send signals.