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- How well do you know me

a quiz to see how well you know me

What is my Girl Scout troop to me?
. Annoying People
. Friends
. Family
. Crazy People
What is more important to me?
. Friends
. Dogs
. Books
. Family
Would I rather read or be on my phone?

. Read
. Be on my phone
What is my favorite subject?
. Math
. science
. History
. Gym
What are my two favorite girl scout cookie?
. caramel delites and thin mints
. caramel delites and cranberry citrus crisps
. Thin mints and lemonades
. Thin mints and shortbread
What Girl Scout troop am I in?
. 3654
. 3150
. 3000
. 3013
. 3013
What do i like better cats or dogs?
. Dogs
. Cats
What is my favorite color
. Orange
. Blue
. Green
. Yellow