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- how well do you know me

How well do you know me

Would I rather climb a mountain, go bush walking or rainforest walking?
. climb a mountain
. bush walking
. rainforest walking
Where would I prefer to live, a cottage in a forest, a mansion in the burbs, or a beach house?
. cottage in the forest
. mansion in the burbs
. beach house
Tea, coffee or water..which do I drink the most?
. tea
. coffee
. water
Would I give mouth to mouth to a homeless person?
. yes
. yes but I'd be freaking
. no way gross
Do I want to be a nurse, police officer or a social worker?
. nurse
. police officer
. social worker
Do I like reading or watching movies more?
. watching movies
. reading
Would I rather be rich and sad or happy and comfortable?
. happy and comfortable
. rich and sad
Do I prefer hot or cold weather?
. cold
. hot
What is my favourite color?
. blue
. green
. pink
. yellow