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- How well do you know Jesstah Jayce?

Title says it all ;)

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Who is Jesstahs imaginary boyfriend?
. Dean Winchester
. Stefan Salvator
. Zayn malik
Does she like coffee?
. No
. Yes
. Only with chocolate
At what age did she go vegetarian?
. 18
. 14
. 10
What is Jesstahs angry drink?
. Sambucca
. Rum
. Tequila
What colour is her guitar?
. Purple
. Orange
. Pink
What's her cats name?
. Brooklyn
. Bramble
. Boo
What's her star sign?
. Aries
. Aquarius
. Sagittarius
Does Jesstah wear silver or gold jewellery?
. Both
. Gold
. Silver
What are Jesstahs allergies?
. Mushrooms, bee stings, latex and penicillin
. Mushrooms, peanuts and latex
. Mushrooms, mangoes and latex
What are Jesstahs 3 favourite animals?
. Cats, Tigers and lions
. Cats, foxes and bears
. Cats, foxes and bunnies


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