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- How Well Do You Know Me?

How well do you know Connor Bryant?

What's My Favorite Weather?
. Raining
. Snowing
. Sunny
Who's My Favorite Athlete (Female)?
. Kerri Walsh
. Micha Hancock
. Destinee Hooker
Who Is My Favorite Athlete (Male)?
. Kevin Durant
. Tim Tebow
. Colt McCoy
What's my ideal job?
. Middle School Math Teacher
. LCU Professor
. Middle School Principal
What's my favorite drink?
. Dr. Pepper
. Mint Chocolate Chip Shake
. Coffee
What's my favorite movie?
. The Incredibles
. Now You See Me
. The Dark Knight
What's my favorite book?
. And Then There Were None
. Harry Potter
. Hunger Games
What is my favorite food?
. Spaghetti
. Rice
. Ice Cream
What's my favorite color?
. Green
. Black
. Blue