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- How well do you know your BFF

This is how you well know your bff take this fun awesome quiz with 25 questions easy, alittle have fun!!!!! ^-^

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How old was I when I got my ears pierced
. Or ten years old
. Five years old
. Three years old
. Three mounthes old
Am i irish or scottish or evn both ?????? What am I
. Both
. Scottish
. Irish
Did I ever jump of a 30 and 60 foot cilf? True of false
. False
. True
Whats my fav number??????:0
. Wtf
. 47
. 23
. 13
. 73
. 69
. 10000000000000
What is her\he fav animal
. None of the above
. Unicorn
. A fly
. A magicly awesome puppy
What is your amazing bffs fav color in the whole wide world?????
. Green
. Sparkles
. Blue


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