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- How well do you know me?

Wondering how well people really know me, Can't wait to see if I'm right on the people who I believe do know me.

Fav cartoon character?
. Marvin Martian
. Roadrunner
. Pebbles
Whats my Middle name?
. Lynn
. Lee
. Anne
Coffee or Tea?
. Coffee
. Tea
Would I prefer Many friends or a few Good ones?
. A few good ones
. Many
Which Drink should I not have?
. Whiskey
. Rum
. Southern Comfort
What food would I choose for a snack?
. Salad
. Mixed Nuts
. Cheese cake
What do I enjoy most?
. Blizzard
. Sunny day
. Thunder/rain storm
If I could get away where would I go?
. A farm
. Secluded Island
. Mountians
Who is my Fav Poet?
. E.E. Cummimgs
. Edgar Allen Poe
. Emily Dickinson
Which pass time do I enjoy the most?
. Painting
. Writing
. Sports
whats my fav day of the week?
. saturday
. Wensday
. monday
Whats my fav color?
. blue
. pink