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- How Well Do You Know Mr. Lott?

How well do you know Mr. Lott?

Where did Mr. Lott live for only two months?
. Parry Sound
. Halifax
. Calgary
. Vancouver
In what month was Mr. Lott born?
. November
. July
. April
. August
What is Mr. Lott's middle name?
. Douglas
. Cameron
. Alan
. Floyd
What was the name of Mr. Lott's first kitty cat?
. Cleo
. Scruffy
. Abbey
. Fluffy
What career did Mr. Lott study for, but later abandoned?
. Priest
. Psychologist
. Financial Analyst
. Accountant
How many siblings does Mr. Lott have?
. None
. 3
. 2
. 1
What degree did Mr. Lott start, but never completed, at the University of Western Ontario?
. Master of Arts
. Master of Divinity
. Master of Public Administration
. Master of Business Administration
What other degrees does Mr. Lott have?
. Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Visual Arts
. Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Public Administration
. Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
. Bachelor of Science and Engineering
Before becoming a teacher, where did Mr. Lott work?
. International Truck and Engine Corp.
. Ford
. General Motors
Is Mr. Lott left handed or right handed?
. Left Handed
. Right Handed