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How well do you guys know your favorite friend Brandob?

How does Brandob see color?
. Worse than Rortz does
. About the same as Rortz does
. Better than Rortz does
How does Brandob see the world?
. The world is a world of opportunity, and you should make the most of what you're given!
. The world is a really cool, interesting place.
. The world is meaningless- we all die anyway, and what are the odds we actually do something significant?
. The world is out to get him- it hates him, and he hates it back.
When Brandob played in his first (and last) Local competitive tennis tournament, how badly did he lose?
. Plot Twist: He won!
. 6-0
. 6-2
. 6-4
What is Brandob probably doing while you take this quiz?
. Texting in Calculus
. Buzzfeed Quizzes or Tetris
. Homework of some kind
. Sleeping
What is Brandon's best quality?
. None Of The Above (I just hate Brandob and think he has no good qualities)
. None Of The Above (other)
. All Of The Above
. Acting
. Organization
. Social Skills
. Sense of Humor
. Humility
. Dashing Good Looks
. Intelligence
What is Brandob's favorite color?
. Red-Orange
. Coral
. Neon Orange
. Orange
Who is Brandob's favorite Disney Princess?
. Moana
. Mulan
. Tiana
. Anna
. Cinderella
. Rapunzel
. Ariel
. Elsa
What is Brandob's favorite video game?
. Fire Emblem
. Animal Crossing
. Pokemon
. The Legend of Zelda
What is Brandob's favorite role that he has played?
. Snoopy (You're A Good Man Charlie Brown)
. Seymour Krelborn (Little Shop of Horrors)
. Ching Ho (Thoroughly Modern Millie)
. Charlie Brown (You're A Good Man Charlie Brown)
Who, really, is Brandob?
. Queen Brandiana
. Princess Bridonna
. Queen Bridonna
. Princess Brandiana