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- How well do you really know me?

Hey there *wink wonk*

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Favorite color?
. Red
. Black..
. Blue
. Green
Why am i doing this right now?
. Because youre a strange child
. All
. Because your dad's gf is over
. Because youre bored
Do you like my amazing quiz?
. Sure?
. Ugh
. I hate quizes
. Yaaaaas
Inhail the memes exhail the memes
. Are you okay?
. There are good memes and there are bad memes
. Meme?
. Stop... just stop
. What?
Favorite parent?
. Dad
. Mum
2nd favorite "ship"
. Me and your mom
. Tucker + Luke
. Dan + Phil
. Josh + Tyler
Favorite food?
. Your m-I mean ha.. ha
. ...Beans
. Pasta
. Pizza
Favorite TV show?
. Face offf
. Death Note!!!
. The Walking Dead
Favorite singer?
. Josh Dun!
. Melanie Martinez
. Tyler Joseph duh
. Justinnnnnn


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