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- How Well Do You Know Mariela?

How well Do you know Mariela

What was Mariela's favorite tv channel as a elementary/middle schooler?
. Cartoon Network
. Disney XD
. Disney Channel
. Discover Channel
. Nickelodean
What video is she most likely to look up and watch on youtube?
. What I eat in a day Vegan
. All of the above
. Karaoke and Prank videos
. Ronaldo Soccer skills
. Contour makeup tutorial and pranks/social experiments
What smell does she not mind?
. Bacon candles
. Skunk spray
. Barf/ vomit
How old was she when she lived in Chile for 8 months
. 6-7
. 6
. 4-5
. 5
What does she wanna be when she grows up
. Dentist
. I don't even know yet to be honest
. Author
. Interior Designer for houses
. Veterinarean
. Lawyer
Mariela does what when she has hw
. Asks people for help
. Does it asap
. Does it asap
. Turns it in late or stays up to finish
. Does it afterschool
Mariela's workout routine?
. What even is working out though
. Flamenco and eating and sleeping
. Hiphop dance and eating
. Ballet Flamenco
What's her morning routine like
. Wakes up early and is organized with time
. Showers, brushes teeth, combs hairs, spends an hour on homework, and does her makeup
. Braids dirty hair, and brushes teeth, gets ready in car other than clothes
. Runs to the shower, brushes teeth, deodorant, clothes
Is Mariela picky?
. She is low maintence and accepts everything
. She is picky with everything
. Only with food
What are ingredients Mariela believes if added to the right foods will make everything taste fancier and better?
. To sweets: powdered sugar and savory: steak and baguette bread
. Sweets: sugar and milk | savory: cheese and tomatoes
. Sweets: honey and mint | savory: cilantro garlic
What does she prefer?
. Guava and papaya
. Grapes and cherries
. Strawberries and watermelon
. Peaches
What does she prefer?
. Tommy Hilfiger
. Adidas
. Nike
. Polo
What does she prefer?
. Dress with heels
. Skinny jeans and adidas
. Sweatpants and birkenstocks
. Leggings and uggs
You take her to starbucks, what does she order?
. Vanilla Bean frappiccino with strawberry syrup
. Espresso
. Chai ice latte with caramel
. Hibiscus Refresher with extra sweetner
. Extra Caramel frappiccino w/ no coffee with hazelnut syrup
. Extra Caramel with hazelnut syrup
. Caramel frappiccino
What are her four next travel destinations?
. Paris
. Paris New York Rome Greece
. Italy
. Brazil India Chile Peru
. Bahamas Brazil Chile Oahu
What's something Mariela cares about a lot and improving?
. Drawing and Flamenco
. Being responsible and chores
. School and photography
. Spanish and school
What type of smoothie would Mariela order?
. Papaya and guava
. Chocolate nutella smoothiw
. Strawberry Banana with extra sugar
. Watermelon mint and honey
. Mango and strawberry with honey
What does Mariela talk about most
. Shopping and friends and Nico
. The beach and swimming
. Nicolás and music and food
. Making food
. Nicolás
What grades does Mariela generally get?
. C's and F's
. C's and A's
. A's B's C's
. A's and B's
What ITEMS Mariela bring to a deserted island?
. Baconnnnnnn!
. Chicken and bread, her toothbrush and toothpaste, and clothes
. A pillow, water bottle, salami, and a towel