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- How well do you know me?

Just a quickie

13 (Bonus) When did I stop caring about anything at all?
. I haven't cared since I was born
. When college started
. Yesterday
12 What do I regret the most?
. Making this quiz
. Letting go of some friends
. Pretending to be an unrealistic version of myself to please others
11 Someone is being mean to me. What do I think/do?
. "I will just nod my head and pretend to care" *Nods head and pretends to care*
. "Unbelievable. The nerve. Do you even know who you're speaking to?! I oughta beat the crap out of you." *says nothing, does nothing, obsesses over it later*
. "I am hurt and will not forget this" *cries*
10 Can I make friends easily
. No. I'm terribly shy.
. Yes. My easygoing attitude is super inviting
9 Do I like being short
. No. People think I am twelve.
. Yes. I fit in all the things.
8 Favorite dessert?
. Chocolate cake
. Cookie dough ice cream
7 I've always wanted to
. Write a novel
. Invent something
. Go skydiving
6 I am always obsessively
. Chewing the insides of my cheeks
. Scratching at my forehead
. Pulling at hangnails
5 What am I most self-conscious about?
. The thinness of my lips
. My sausage-like fingers
. The noises I make
4 Which of the following terrifies me the most?
. Spiders
. Watching a horror movie
. Walking in the dark
3 Would I rather be an ugly immortal, or hot and dead in a year?
. Hot and dead
. Ugly but immortal
2 If I'm in pain, it's most likely
. My neck
. My stomach
. My head
1 My favorite color is:
. Purple
. Pink
. Yellow