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- Sami Test

What do you know about me ?

Do i belive in love ?
. Yes
. No
Would i prefer swimming in a pool or in the sea ?
. Pool
. Sea
What do i hate most ?
. Dealing with stupid people
. Not being invited to a party
. Talking about death
. Disgusting actions
Is it true i have cold feelings ?
. Yes
. No
. Only when needed
Do i believe in love at the first sight ?
. Yes
. No
Which would i prefer :
. Being so rich
. Enjoying romance and love in life
. Being a player for barcelona
. Living for a 1000 years
Where would i love to spend my summer :
. A European trip with family
. Maldives,(Not with my family )
. Partying in tomorrowland
What do i think about our currect society ?
. Everyone is so horny and looking for sex
. A strict personal-life destroying society
. Rediciously miserable
. Certain destructive ideas promoted by media is simply destroying us