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siri 4 tahun 2010 - Radio Amateur Examination

Sila jawab semua soalan. Setiap soalan mempunyai satu jawapan yang paling tepat. Tandakan jawapan tersebut.

An isotropic antenna is:
. A half-wave reference dipole
. An infinitely long piece of wire
. A dummy load
. A hypothetical point source
The commonly used amateur radio Single Side Band mode is defined as:
. F3E
. J3E
. A3E
. G3E
Identify the correct Q code for "are you being interfered with?"
QRT means:
. Close down.
. Standby
. Fading
. Low ower
A station that operating while it is in motion or while it is stationary at an unspecified place is called:
. A removable radio station.
. An amateur radio station.
. A mobile station
. A portable station