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- How well do we know each other?

This is just to see if we know each other as well as we think we good, Good Luck Hun!:)

What is my favorite color
. Blue
. Green
. Red
. Neon Colors
What color is my natural hair?
. Blonde
. Brown
. Black
. Strawberry blonde
What am I most afraid of?
. Polar Bears
. Needles
. The dark
. Scary Movies
Who is my all time best friend?
. Cheyanne
. Kenzey
. Kailee
. Brionna
When I wore them everyday, How long did I wear glasses?
. 1-2 grade
. 4-7 grade
. 1-9 grade
. Never
What was the first movie you and I ever watched together?
. Princess Protection Program
. Princess Diarys
. Jurassic World
. Naomi and Eli's No Kiss List
What do I want to go to college for when I graduate?
. Therapy
. Fire Fighter
. Doctor
. Cosmetology
How many sisters do I have all together, including the ones that don't live with me and that I count as my sister?
. 7
. 3
. 8
. 4
What animal are we going to get FOR SURE when we live together?
. Frog
. Snake
. Huskey
. A cat