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- Meeeeee


When's my birthday
. Feb. 5
. Feb.6
. Mar3
. July 8
What's my favorite color
. Orange like the sunset
. Yellow like the Pirates
. Plain dumb navy blue
. Black
Where do I want to go to college
. West Point
. Naval Academy
. Michigan
. The amazing Florida State
What's my favorite band?
. U2
. Godsmack
What drives me crazy and I love it
. When you slowly touch your nails to me
. When you roll your eyes at me
. When you jump at your locker when I touch you
Which have I done ?
. Had Starbucks
. Seen a scary movie
. Been to a girls house
. Kissed a girl in front of my mom
What weight did I wrestle this year
. 132
. 135
. 140
. 150
The only place I hate to hang out with a girlfriend
. York Revs
. Lunch
. Tournament
. My house
What's the name of my sister that plays the piano doesn't do gymnastics or cheerleading
. Kyleigh
. Kassidy
. Kayla
. Kaliyah
Who was my first kiss
. Paige
. Rachel
. Angel
. Lindsey
What phrase do I hate
. Smelling what I'm stepping in
. Oh yeah mr.crabs
. Chicken rabbit leg bones eater
. Spaghetti slurped