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- "Title has to be more than 6 letters"

It wouldn't let me leave this blank🌚

What colour eyes do I have? (No cheating)
. Blue
. Green
. Brown
What is my favourite season?
. Autumn
. Winter
. Summer
. Spring
Future kids' names (hopefully)
. Lily and Theo
. Ava and Jack
. Theo and Amelia
My football idol when I was younger?
. Raul
. Karanka
. Beckham
Who do I hate the most
. Barton
. Holloway
. Martin
. Dyche
Which interests me the most
. El Dorado
. Atlantis
. Camelot
Dream job, other than football
. Barrister
. Solicitor
My favourite makeup thing
. Lipstick
. Eyeshadow
. Contour kit
Which superpower would I prefer
. Boundary Manipulation
. Subjective Reality
. Absolute Existence
Fave cheese
. Provolone
. Red Leicester
. Cheddar