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- How Well do you know me

Lets see how well you know me

What is my full name?
. Andrew Randall Weiner
. Andrew Richard Weiner
. Andrew Robert Weiner
. Andrew Reginald Weiner
What is my favorite color
. Navy Blue
. Royal Blue
. Powder Blue
. Rob Roy Blue
What type of cars do i own
. Mercury Sable and Chevy Cobalt
. buick lacrosse and honda accord
. Pontiac Grand Prix and Buick National
. buick skylark and pontiac grand am
what is my current dream job?
. paramedic
. writer
. IT Pro
. maid
how many siblings do i have
. 1
. 2
. 3
what is my current job
. Field Engineer
. Firearms Instructor
. Sales Rep
. Chubby Ninja
What are some of my nick names?
. Jewtalian, Chubby Ninja, Hebrew Hammer
. Rob, Weiner, Andy
. SuperJew, Andy, Heb
. Gringo Loco, Spanjew, Anthony Winetti
What is my worst fear?
. Failure
. Snakes
. Flying
. Swimming
What was i diagnosed with in 1982?
. Diabetes
. Cancer
. Dyslexia
. Near Sightedness
July 4th 2013, i was in the hospital for a week. Why and what happened?
. Hip Replacement due to birth defect
. septicemia and MRSA due to stupidity
. Apendicitis
. rectal prolapse due to weight lifiting
how many knee surgeries have I had?
. 1
. 3
. 5
. 7
Why was I a premie?
. My moms health
. My health
. tax purposes
. so my mom could fit into a party dress
i have a small scar on the right side of my face. Why ?
. Bar fight
. stabbed by wife/gf
. stupidity
. Rachel caught my arm when i was shaving
I have broken my nose a few times. It still goes to the right. How did I break it the last time?
. a set of boobs
. a fight
. abuse
. walked into a wall