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myself - How well do you know me?

Lets see how well you know me. Take the quiz post your reslts as a comment.This should be interesting...

What is my favorite color?
. Green
. Black
. Red
Am I really right of left handed?
. Right
. Left
How many siblings do I have?
. None
. 3
. 1
How many tattoos do I have?
. None
. 4
. 1
Who is my favorite band?
. Nine Inch Nails
. Pink Floyd
. Mudvayne
. Foreigner
What food do I not eat based on principle?
. shrimp
. pork
. cheese
. beef
Who did I name my son after?
. No one
. a famous person
. Your grandfather
. Your Great Uncle
What sport did I participate in as a child?
. soft ball
. Swimming
. Soccer
. You didn't play sports
What 2 qualities do I value most in a person?
. Inteligence and aditude
. Honesty and loyalty
. Integrity and disipline
What set of physical attributes do I find most attractive in men?
. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes
. Toned, bown eyes, dark hair
. Blue eyes, fair skin, dark hair
I am most afraid of what?
. Dieing without a legacy
. Being in love
. Heights
. Being Alone
. Spiders
I am a member of what fraternity?
. Phi Theta Kappa
. The Skull and Bones Club
. The Order of the Eastern Star
. The Order of the Arrow
How old was I when I started working?
. 16
. 15
. 13
. You have never worked
Which 2 common activites do I NOT participate in?
. Driving and flying
. Online banking, and instant messaging
. Texting and video games
. card games and puzzles
How tall am I?
. 5'3''
. 5'6''
. 5' even
How many times have I had surgery?
. Never!
. once
. 3 times
Which do I prefer?
. Gold jewelry
. Silver jewelry
. You hate jewelry
I would prefer to be doing any of which set of things at any given time just for fun..?
. go to the beach, water theme park, or kayaking
. go clubing, partying, or dancing
. go hiking, camping, or bird watching
In any job I have I try to incorporate what in some way as my profession of choice?
. acrobatic performance
. childhood development
. computer technology
. creative writing
What is my middle name?
. Ann
. Jane
. Lynn
. Nicole