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- International Business Etiquette

International Business Etiquette

A co-worker shares office gossip/rumors with you. You:
. Thank him for telling you and pass the stories on
. Check out the facts with other employees
. Politely listen and keep the info to yourself
It is acceptable to leave on your personal cellular phone during office hours and answer it when it rings.
. True
. False
When corresponding with a business contact by email you should:
. Be as formal as if you were writing an actual letter on paper
. Be a little more informal to appeaar up-to-date with technology and the trend towards a relaxed work atmosphere
When breaking the ice with a contact at the beginning of a meeting it is appropriate to discuss such things as the weather, politics, and traffic.
. True
. False
When meeting a contact of the opposite sex the man should wait for the women to initiate the handshake.
. True
. False